script needed

From: Melissa (
Date: 03/18/95

  Anyone here any good at awk or something? I really haven't studied 
anything but C/C++ and I could use a script that would be better suited 
for one of those text languages. See, I write a complete .wld, then 
complete .mob, etc. When I get to the .zon file, I'm like, shit, which 
mob did I want? What is the vnum of that sword again? Now, since each 
file is averaging 5000+ lines, it's a bitch to just scroll back through 
them, no matter how many windows you got open. So, I figure a script 
which reads the file in, and prints out the vnum and either short name or 
keyword list. Any takers?
#1 sword long               #1 kobold   
#2 sword short              #2 cityguard
#3 bullwhip                 #3 wizard

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