Re: Two minor bugs in patch level 7

From: Alex (
Date: 03/19/95

> I just found two very minor bugs in patch level 7.
Both of these bugs will be fixed in the patch level 8 release.. worry not (=

> The second one really isn't much of a bug.  The East Gate of Rome is
> permanantly locked and players can't get in.  Just change the lock value
> in the zone file (120.zon) -- or was it .wld (I always get those two
> backwards).
The gate is permanently closed, and by accident I wrote over the wld file 
and erased the actual door in the world file.. it might be an idea to 
have some sort of checking system that actually looks for a door in the 
room before closing it or locking it.. what do you think?

--  Alex

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