Two minor bugs in patch level 7

Date: 03/19/95

I just found two very minor bugs in patch level 7.

First, atm machines now have a cost of 0, which means that scavenger
mobiles can now get them (I found a green gelatinous blow with four of
them!).  There are two easy fixes: 1) Change the "cost" of the item back
to 100 (which is what it was in patch level 4).  2) Change the TAKE/NOTAKE
bit (currently the item is "takeable" but it just weighs a ton).

The second one really isn't much of a bug.  The East Gate of Rome is
permanantly locked and players can't get in.  Just change the lock value
in the zone file (120.zon) -- or was it .wld (I always get those two

This mud is great, I just started a few months ago by running patch level 4
and I must say, I'm impressed.  I used to run a mud about 10 years ago and
things have definately improved a great deal since then.

Dave Conn ("Lannon" - 4000)

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