Re: your mail

From: James (
Date: 03/21/95

On Tue, 21 Mar 1995, jared stein wrote:

> lets suppose i have 35 levels on my mud, i edit the files and add in 65 
> more levels for a total of 100, i was level 35, how do i promote myself 
> without damaging the actual player file.

I belive you can set you level up pretty high no matter what you top 
level is. I had some people play around and set there level to like 150 
and it did not mess things up (that I know about). The real problem comes 
in with the applied arrays. All the offensive spells and dex,wis,str,int, 
and con applies have array of 34. These are pointers of arrays and if you 
have a level 35+ character that calls to these arrays it will grab 
anything from memory. You need to go though and add to those arrays and 
they are all over the code :)

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