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From: John T. Cox (
Date: 03/21/95

> Hi,
> On Tue, 21 Mar 1995, jared stein wrote:
> > lets suppose i have 35 levels on my mud, i edit the files and add in 65 
> > more levels for a total of 100, i was level 35, how do i promote myself 
> > without damaging the actual player file.
> You would want to build a back door in act.wizard.c so you can set yourself
> above your own level, then do that (to level 100) and then install the 
> new code. that way the mud will transform around you.
> Make sure you are imp on the new level scale before installling the new code.
Usually when you make changes like this, the player file is wiped, thus when
you boot the mud again the 1st player on is made IMP, now if you don't want to
trash your player files...this backdoor sounds great but it can create its own
problems. I haven't hacked around much in the player structs, but you might
want to give it a good looking at to see how a player is made IMP.
We've made major changes to our player files in the past and had to write up
a program to convert the player files. I wasn't personally involved with this,
but my understanding was it wasn't fun....

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