Re: added levels and imps.
Date: 03/21/95

> > Usually when you make changes like this, the player file is wiped, thus when
> > you boot the mud again the 1st player on is made IMP, now if you don't want to
> > trash your player files...this backdoor sounds great but it can create its own
> > problems. I haven't hacked around much in the player structs, but you might
> > want to give it a good looking at to see how a player is made IMP.
> >  
> > We've made major changes to our player files in the past and had to write up
> > a program to convert the player files. I wasn't personally involved with this,
> > but my understanding was it wasn't fun....
> > 
> > 
> Okie the best way to do this IMHO, and this is the way I did it when I 
> added new levels was to set it now so you could SET your level but so you 
> could AVDANCE yourself while the new code was running after you are imped 
> get rid of the back door and recompile and reboot the MUD it is probably 
> best to do this at low traffic times....Have fun with it.

A safe solution, but one that requires more work is adding a "veil" system
to the mud. It is like this: I added it in because I wanted a secure
way for immortals to be able to "become" a certain level at any given
point. These immorts have "veils" that serve as auxillary mini pfiles
for the wizards only. The save file for the veils as ascii so we can
change a value (such as level) to reflect changes in the code. Each
"veil" has a password, so something like:
   	>unveil mypassword 60
  would unveil me to level 60. It is a safe system.

I am thinking about uploading the code for this (maybe), so keep
an eye out for it if you are interested.


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