2 questions

From: Andy Davidoff (dert@concrete.resnet.upenn.edu)
Date: 03/24/95

> 1)  Anyone know how Jeremy fixed the board so that it accepts
>     the '@' symbol on a newline?  Was it due to delete_doublespace?
>     I have traced it to modify.c.  And, the '@' symbol change
>     was not in nanny.c.  Why would it be there?  Because the 
>     player writes on the desc first?  It's in modify.c, where
>     it looks for the termination command.  But, how did
>     Jeremy write it so that it accepts the @ on a newline?

do u need a patch or something?
else read the code... RAGU: it's in there.
> 2)  How did Jeremy make it so that while writing/mailing,
>     you don't see spam all over the screen from other 
>     people gossiping, talking, ...  I know it is
>     due to the flag PLR_WRITING.  Does anyone know exactly
>     where the if PLR_FLAGGED(ch, PLR_WRITING) is?
>     actually, i think the first arg should be vict 8-)
yeah, it's in act() and most other send_to_player functions, cept fer
send_to_char. again, this is non-stock...


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