2 questions

From: Michael K. Lee (mklee@Sun2.IS.csupomona.edu)
Date: 03/24/95

1)  Anyone know how Jeremy fixed the board so that it accepts
    the '@' symbol on a newline?  Was it due to delete_doublespace?
    I have traced it to modify.c.  And, the '@' symbol change
    was not in nanny.c.  Why would it be there?  Because the 
    player writes on the desc first?  It's in modify.c, where
    it looks for the termination command.  But, how did
    Jeremy write it so that it accepts the @ on a newline?

2)  How did Jeremy make it so that while writing/mailing,
    you don't see spam all over the screen from other 
    people gossiping, talking, ...  I know it is
    due to the flag PLR_WRITING.  Does anyone know exactly
    where the if PLR_FLAGGED(ch, PLR_WRITING) is?
    actually, i think the first arg should be vict 8-)

Lincoln, since I have a feeling that you may know these answers
could you post them?  BUG?


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