Re: Timers.

From: Jeff (
Date: 03/25/95

> I am having a big problem with timers.  I don't believe that any of them 
> are working on my MUD because there is a portal spell that I have and it 
> loads an object that has a spec_proc.  My problem comes in when none of 
> these objects disappear.  Is this a circle2.20 bug?  If it is how can I 
> fix?  I have tried to run dikued on my .obj file and set a timer, but it 
> just never stays.   It always goes back to 0.  Thanks for the help!

Last time I checked, Circle didn't have a field in the object file
to set the timer value  (I haven't read the docs in a while, but
up to 2.2, I'm pretty sure there's no way to set it).  Even once
you do get it set, I'm also pretty sure that the code to decrement
the timer needs modification because it's only really there now to
handle corpses.


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