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From: Michael K. Lee (
Date: 03/25/95

On Sat, 25 Mar 1995, Jason Dinkel wrote:

> At 11:45 PM 3/24/95, Michael K. Lee wrote:
> >
> >1)  Anyone know how Jeremy fixed the board so that it accepts
> >    the '@' symbol on a newline?  Was it due to delete_doublespace?
> >    I have traced it to modify.c.  And, the '@' symbol change
> >    was not in nanny.c.  Why would it be there?  Because the 
> >    player writes on the desc first?  It's in modify.c, where
> >    it looks for the termination command.  But, how did
> >    Jeremy write it so that it accepts the @ on a newline?
> I can answer this.  In string_add the code checks for @.  This is done
> because in the game_loop, if the descriptor has str set, then string_add
> is called instead of the interpreter.

Actually, I figured this one out myself.
It is due to the str.  I was reading old diku code, which used a diff
variable comparison, *scan.

> >
> >
> >2)  How did Jeremy make it so that while writing/mailing,
> >    you don't see spam all over the screen from other 
> >    people gossiping, talking, ...  I know it is
> >    due to the flag PLR_WRITING.  Does anyone know exactly
> >    where the if PLR_FLAGGED(ch, PLR_WRITING) is?
> >    actually, i think the first arg should be vict 8-)
> Probably the same thing.  Just search for that d->str or something like
> that in the descriptor data(I forget).  You will find lots of locations
> and some of those will be where the string gets set and you enter the
> string editor.  Therefore, it probably is NOT the PLR_WRITING flag but
> instead that character pointer.

Actually, it is the PLR_WRITING flag.  How else would it know NOT
to print to vict's screen.  It is located in comm.c, and yes,
I have corrected the problem in original Diku.

> Don't take this as gospel, read the code yourself and try to understand it.
> -Jason

hehe, I think I know this code pretty well.  I was just too lazy to
look it up. 8-)  

p.s.  has anyone figured out the pidentd thing yet?
      If not, I just may offer it to public circle.
      I have dropped all coding from circle since I now
      code a different mud, which is not circle 8-(.

Try:  Death's Domain @ 9000


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