Re: hurricanes

From: Melissa (
Date: 03/25/95

On Sat, 25 Mar 1995, Jeff Teker Fink wrote:

> Melissa <> writes:
> >   Heh, just finished adding SKY_HURRICANE. Instead of costing extra moves
> > (like Sojourn), it randomly blows an item or two off the player. Whadya 
> > think, 25 pounds or less? I gave it 75% of being inventoried obj, else 
> > it's an equipped obj. 
> >   "Shit! What happened to that healing potion I had?!?" :) 
> You might want to be carefull with equipped items, since most people
> wearing 1 pound chequered shirts wouldn't be likely to lose them in
> a storm.
> -Jeff
 Doh! Hmm... That adds a few more if statements... Might get a bit slow, 
perhaps I'll just do inventoried. I was thinking of hats and contacts 
(eyes of the eagle, eyes of minute seeing et al), but maybe I'll just 
stick with inventories...
 Damn trees, where the hell is the forest?!? :)

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