Problem with skill lists

From: Christopher J. Dickey (
Date: 03/25/95


   I've been working with circle 3.0 bpl7, and have seem to run into a 
slight problem which some of you all could run into.  The mud I'm 
programming has tons of skills and spells, but the routines to find the 
skill number of a spell/skill seems a bit flawed.  In my case, I have a 
skill called 'firearms', and a few spells, namely 'fire dart', 'fire cloud',
and 'fireball'.  It would appear that find_skill_num replies with the 
number for 'fire dart' everytime I try to do anything with 'firearms'.
   'Fire dart' is above 'firearms' in the spells list because 'fire dart'
is a spells, and 'firearms' is a skill.  I looked over the is_abbrev 
routine and the comment above it is that it works both ways (assuming 
that's what it meant by symmetrical).  If this is the case, then yes, the 
first part of 'fire dart' is an abbreviation for 'firearms' and thus the 
   Am I incorrect in my assesment?  Before I go changing the code, I 
wanted to get some advice to see what you all would think would be best.  
Should find_skill_num be altered to check the whole list and make sure 
there isn't an exact match, or should is_abbrev be altered to make it one 
way?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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