Re: Problem with skill lists

From: Ryan M. Clements (
Date: 03/25/95

>    Am I incorrect in my assesment?  Before I go changing the code, I 
> wanted to get some advice to see what you all would think would be best.  
> Should find_skill_num be altered to check the whole list and make sure 
> there isn't an exact match, or should is_abbrev be altered to make it one 
> way?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Chris

I just ran in to the same problem today.. I just finished up coding a 
skill named 'sleeper' and it replaced it with 'sleep' in the practice 
list.  What you need to do is modify the parser so that when it finds a 
match, have it check if there are any other chracters after the last checked.


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