Re: Problem with skill lists

From: Eric T. Benoit (
Date: 04/07/95

On Sat, 25 Mar 1995, Christopher J. Dickey wrote:

> and 'fireball'.  It would appear that find_skill_num replies with the 
> number for 'fire dart' everytime I try to do anything with 'firearms'.
>    'Fire dart' is above 'firearms' in the spells list because 'fire dart'
> is a spells, and 'firearms' is a skill.  I looked over the is_abbrev 
> routine and the comment above it is that it works both ways (assuming 
> that's what it meant by symmetrical).  If this is the case, then yes, the 
> first part of 'fire dart' is an abbreviation for 'firearms' and thus the 
> problem.
>    Am I incorrect in my assesment?  Before I go changing the code, I 
> way?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Chris
I believ you are correct because fire is also an abrev for fireball on my 
MUD if i type cast 'fire' kalgor :) it will cast the fireball at kalgor 
so I think you are right in that assesment, please don't take my word for 
it tho I am not that good with c this is just and in game evaluation of 
your problem...:)

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