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Date: 03/28/95

On Tue, 28 Mar 1995, Timothy B. Maddux wrote:

> I'm an implementor for a circle 3.0-based mud, and we're getting an error
> with the number of open files we have.  Our usage is only 20-30 sockets.
> The syslog goes something like this:
> SYSERR: READING OBJECT FILE plrobjs/A-E/anaximander.objs (5): Too many open files
> Tue Mar 28 18:50:00 :: Anaximander entering game with no equipment.
> Tue Mar 28 18:51:04 :: SYSERR: Could not open alias file alias/Sanguinius
> Accept: Invalid argument
> At some point it becomes impossible to 'kill' the mud process, and we have
> to reboot the machine.  I'm not sure what sort of help I can get from the
> mailing list, since you're not familiar with the details of our code; I
> suppose I'm grasping at straws and hoping somebody's had this problem before
> and found the 'mother of all patches' for it.
> - tim
> (Tim Maddux,

Like you said, I'm unfamilar with your MUD code, but you seem to be 
lacking of greater UNIXish knowledge, because "kill -kill <process>" is 
the command to kill regardless of any and all circumstances.

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