Stamina based combat system

From: Curtiss Cicco (
Date: 03/30/95

      Here's an idea I'm going to implement that I thought I'd share to
get some feedback on. On most diku based muds I have found that the sta
ndard movement point scheme is rather weak, especially for warriors, I
feel that it can be improved by tying it into combat. I'm thinking along
the lines of having it to where each round movement points are subtract
ed from a character when a physical action is performed, like a success
full hit would cost 2 mvp's, a missed hit would cost 1 mvp, swapping eq
would cost 3 mvp's, and physical skills would cost like 4 mvp's. In ord
er to make things fair, I will also have it to where mobs lose movement
points too, plus regeneration of mvp's lost in combat would be on the
pulse rather then on the tick, while there still would be a chance for
a char or mobile to become exhausted and not be able to do any hitting
until a few mvp's have been regained at which time the char or mobile
can continue to fight or flee.


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