Spell cost

From: Brett Helgeson (varagol@netcom.com)
Date: 04/03/95

	Here is some psuedo-code I am having some problems with:
I am running 2.20, and in spell_parser.c you get the following for using mana:

#define USE_MANA(ch, sn)
 MAX(spell_info[sn].min_usesmana, SPELL_LEVEL(ch,sn))
Now since the original set up is to give all spell using characters 100 mana, 
I assume that the above takes that into consideration for determining how
much each spell will cost (not including the obvious min_use and max_use mana
in the SPELLO's)
I am attempting to make each spell level (1,2,3 etc) cost that much mana - 
really spell points.
So I tried this:
MAX(spell_info[sn]min_usesmana = SPELL_LEVEL(ch,sn))

It didn't like it. Then I tried this:

And that didn't work. If anyone out there could shed some light, I would be
much obliged. Even a simple "your in the wrong spot" would be helpful.

And to anyone who is interested:
I have the following code to share:
*Races (basic, but a good starting point)
*Classes (The infamous Circle Addclass.doc for all releases under 3)
*New Spells and skills

If your interested, drop me a line. Beside the problem above, I am looking 
for some quick and dirty ways to 'hide' characters - i.e. give them long, 
short and full descriptions other than Bob the dufus is here.
Also in the works:
*A full functional Bard class, complete with instument and voice spellsongs
*A semi-possible progression for mages (5 levels of mage - learn all the spells
 of one class and you can 'advance' to the next if you wish)
*Lots of little goodies.


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