Re: should be player name.....

From: Phil Priston (
Date: 04/03/95

> Yea, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY YOU WANT 2 FUNCTIONS.  For a non-selective name 
> find, you call the current find function.  For a PLAYER only search you 
> create a player only search function.  Then, when you want to
> do a player only search (IE -  summon tell WHATEVER) you can call
> your new function instead of the current find function.

Surely with functions like tell and summon, you don't want to just 
look at the players, many triggers for mobs work of the tell command, 
and mages use the summon spell to get mobs out of difficult areas all 
the time!

Wouldn't it be better to create a second list which produces a list
of all characters in the world, players and mobs, sorted so that all 
players are at the top of the list! *SHRUG*
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