0.name should be player name.....

From: Sean P. Mountcastle (mountcas@pluto.ee.cua.edu)
Date: 04/01/95

	My players have noticed something that I thought was fixed in 
CircleMUD bpl 7 (or before then).  One of my god's names is Gray, and we 
have about 12 to 20 mobs with the keyword gray, so when ever a player 
tries to tell him they end up telling an acolyte of Gray (or another such 
monster), I have tried this myself, and the only time this will not happen
is if you are in the same room with him.
	If this something I can easily fix in act.comm.c (do_tell)?  I 
recently upgraded to patch level 7, and I don't think we had this problem 
before (but the mobs with keyword gray are pretty new as well).

	Thanks in advance,

	- Sean

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