A few questions from a beginner

Date: 04/06/95

I have recently acquired a unix site and a copy of circle 3.0, patch 7; and
have a couple questions.
1) is there a faq concerning coding?  If so, where can I get it?
2) I would like to add two god commands to those that come standard
     a: reim
     b: calm ( to halt fighting in a room)
     (looks like I though of a few more)
     c: passdoor (so imm+'s can walk through closed doors, etc)
     d: and a command to give newbie's basic items and gold
3) Finally, is there any patches available that add additional spells/skills
   (I'd really hate to have to re-invent the wheel when others have
   already done so.  :) )

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Sorry for all the noise, signature under construction.
Steve Rowan
Computer Lab Consultant
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