Re: A few questions from a beginner

From: Scott Francis (sfrancis@CS.Trinity.Edu)
Date: 04/07/95

On Fri, 7 Apr 1995, SROWAN wrote:

> Hello,
> I have recently acquired a unix site and a copy of circle 3.0, patch 7; and
> have a couple questions.
> 1) is there a faq concerning coding?  If so, where can I get it?

  I think you will find a rudimentary document about coding in the doc 
section of the release.  It will tell you what a variety of the functions 
do and how they can be used.  The source code itself is also documented 
really well for a release of this size and availability.  The coding, 
once you get used to the structures really isn't that bad at all.

> 2) I would like to add two god commands to those that come standard
>      a: reim

I'm not surew what this command is supposed to do?  I wish you would put 
a description of it's affect as I have not seen it on any mud that I am 
an immortal on.

>      b: calm ( to halt fighting in a room)

I patched together some code myself to create a calm function that I 
called peace.  The code works well except for mobs who remember that 
characters have attacked them.  They will wait a couple of turns and then 
start attacking again.   I haven't had time to find the right flag to 
change that aspect....but the following code works great...

        struct char_data *vict, *next_v;
        act ("$n decides that everyone should just be friends.",
        send_to_room("Everything is quite peaceful now.\r\n",ch->in_room);


make sure you add the command to intrepreter.c or it will not be 
available on the mud.  I don't know how you plan to set things up, but I 
consider this command to be a great immortal level command.  If you have 
any questions fell free to write me back...

Also thanks to everyone that posted to me on my earlier question.  I was 
able to create a really nice multiroom scan command.  I added a little of my 
own ideas to it making is so that the number of scanable rooms is based on 
level, (level 1-5 1 room scan, level 6-25 3 room scan, level 25+ 5 room 
scan) with theives +1 room per level classification.  Your comments 
really helped me out a lot.

Now if anyone could help me with online creation I would be eternally 
grateful....   :)

Scott Francis

Scott Francis    ------
Trinity University        Computer Science 

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