Re: autowiz.c

From: Ricky David Gibson (
Date: 04/17/95

> On Mon, 17 Apr 1995, Dave wrote:
> > ok ppl, anyone know what specials2 is supposed to be changed to so it 
> > will run on v3.00?
> > 
> > 
> You didn't even bother to look, so why should I tell you.  Look at the 
> members passed to specials2 and see if you match them up with one of the 
> existing structs...
maybe i've got this group all seems like anytime anyone ask's 
a question, everyone breaths fire down the person's neck and say's "don't 
you read the code!" or "figure it out yourself" <--in not so many words.

i can tell you the reason i joined this little group was to get ideas on
running my own mud...which i have an account for just haven't had time
to do many of the things i would like to do to the code(if that made sense?).
anyway to my point..i joined this place so i don't have to re-invent things.   
it takes way to much time to re-code something, when someone else has already
done so.  i guess with everyone so protective of their code, then i will
probably not ever set a mud up. since i really don't want to waste all that
time coding something that is already done.  <--- that all make any sense?
oh well, i step down from my soap box now.


May to conflicts continue, at least it makes conversation.

Qualifier: i have no desire to be a english major. =)


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