Re: autowiz.c

Date: 04/17/95

On Tue, 18 Apr 1995, Ricky David Gibson wrote:

> > On Mon, 17 Apr 1995, Dave wrote:
> > 
> > > ok ppl, anyone know what specials2 is supposed to be changed to so it 
> > > will run on v3.00?
> > > 
> > > 
> > 
> > You didn't even bother to look, so why should I tell you.  Look at the 
> > members passed to specials2 and see if you match them up with one of the 
> > existing structs...
> >
> maybe i've got this group all seems like anytime anyone ask's 
> a question, everyone breaths fire down the person's neck and say's "don't 
> you read the code!" or "figure it out yourself" <--in not so many words.
> i can tell you the reason i joined this little group was to get ideas on
> running my own mud...which i have an account for just haven't had time
> to do many of the things i would like to do to the code(if that made sense?).
> anyway to my point..i joined this place so i don't have to re-invent things.   
> it takes way to much time to re-code something, when someone else has already
> done so.  i guess with everyone so protective of their code, then i will
> probably not ever set a mud up. since i really don't want to waste all that
> time coding something that is already done.  <--- that all make any sense?
> oh well, i step down from my soap box now.
> rick
> May to conflicts continue, at least it makes conversation.
> Qualifier: i have no desire to be a english major. =)

I'm not necessarily breathing down his neck, or shooting flames.  But, 
it's annoying to have someone asking a question when they don't look for 
the answer themselves.  It's like someone asking constant questions about 
how to play your MUD and never typing HELP, just keeps on asking, "What 
does split do?  What does hit do?  What are socials?".  Sure, it's an 
unfair comparison in one way, as he asked only one, but it's not worth 
the bandwidth to post this message, yours, or his when it all could have 
been avoided if he'd of looked.  It also could've been avoided if I 
would've just said the correct answer, but that takes all the fun out of 
it.  I'd go check to make sure I'd answer right, but since the site is 
having problems I can't... :)  Regardless, the sound advise here would be 
to try to figure it out yourself before you bother everyone else with it.

I'm probably mistaken, but it doesn't seem right to ask everyone else for 
assistance on an easy thing to fix...  it was sound advise I gave, sure I 
added a little salt to the wound, but no matter.  Just, in the future, 
I'd appreciate if people would post GOOD questions.  If you joined this 
list to get ideas for your own MUD, how will someone asking a question 
that they didn't even look into help you setup a better MUD?  It won't, 
if they would find the code, and be kind enough to contribute their fixes 
and the like -- then what the hell, might as well share.  But, just don't 
ask questions that you could answer yourself if you'd even bother to LOOK.

...will breathe down someone's neck sooner or later...

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