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Date: 04/19/95

		- David 'Dave' Berthiaume of DragonMUD [ 4000]
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> I'm not necessarily breathing down his neck, or shooting flames.  But, 
> it's annoying to have someone asking a question when they don't look for 
> the answer themselves.  It's like someone asking constant questions about 
> how to play your MUD and never typing HELP, just keeps on asking, "What 
> does split do?  What does hit do?  What are socials?".  Sure, it's an 
> unfair comparison in one way, as he asked only one, but it's not worth 
> the bandwidth to post this message, yours, or his when it all could have 
> been avoided if he'd of looked.  It also could've been avoided if I 
> would've just said the correct answer, but that takes all the fun out of 
> it.  I'd go check to make sure I'd answer right, but since the site is 
> having problems I can't... :)  Regardless, the sound advise here would be 
> to try to figure it out yourself before you bother everyone else with it.
> I'm probably mistaken, but it doesn't seem right to ask everyone else for 
> assistance on an easy thing to fix...  it was sound advise I gave, sure I 
> added a little salt to the wound, but no matter.  Just, in the future, 
> I'd appreciate if people would post GOOD questions.  If you joined this 
> list to get ideas for your own MUD, how will someone asking a question 
> that they didn't even look into help you setup a better MUD?  It won't, 
> if they would find the code, and be kind enough to contribute their fixes 
> and the like -- then what the hell, might as well share.  But, just don't 
> ask questions that you could answer yourself if you'd even bother to LOOK.
> Spawn@KrimsonMud
> ...will breathe down someone's neck sooner or later...
I have been gone for a bit so I am catching up.
When I posted that question I had looked. But I am too busy networking my 
computers together to do too much looking
I am only on pl3
I can't upgrade cause of hd limitations that is why I am networking.

I like to cause trouble too....:P

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