Re: Purpose of this list

Date: 04/18/95

On Tue, 18 Apr 1995, John T. Cox wrote:

> Several people have complained about the flaming on this list. Now, if I'm
> not mistaken the purpose of this list is the development of Diku/Circle code
> which would mean that many of the mailings to this list are completely
> inappropriate. Most of them should probably go to the newgroups
> ( Now, at the same time the flaming should really stop.
> There's no reason we should be rude to someone because they asked an
> inappropriate question, that's assuming it's inappropriate. Perhaps, either
> answering their question or pointing them to the right place to get the
> information they need and then politley informing them that in the future
> questions of this nature should be directed someplace else, wherever that
> might be, would be better. Lord knows, the net is confusing and abusive
> enough as it is, why make it worse. Afterall, we were all newbies once.
> Just a few thoughts,
> P.S.
> It's not in my .sig because I personally think it's tacky but stop by
> KallistiMUD and check us out, 4000 (well we're usually on
> 4000 anyhow). [End of tacky plug]

Well, I did in fact point them in the right direction, and I don't think 
I flamed them, not necessarily.  I told them to next time look for 
yourself before you ask the question here as it saves us all time, and 
for people that need to cut down on the amount of mail that goes into 
their mailbox, it's saddening to miss messages because your mailbox gets 
filled with questions that could have been completely avoided if the 
person would have thought to look.  I've not asked one question here, 
yet, but when I do (and I will, eventually), I'll bother to check into 
the coding to see if I can do it myself, first.

It's both inconsiderate to people with limitations on their mailbox and 
it's a waste of my time to scan through 200 messages (which accumulate 
daily), with many of them being completely avoidable.

You call flaming inappropriate, but I didn't flame anyone -- and yet, 
someone gives the exact same advice I gave in more words and they are 
praised for this?  They say I told him to go for himself, they say it's 
rude, but I pointed him in the right direction.  While the very same 
person tells 'em to go look for himself?  Well, so be it.  I don't need 
to defend myself or my actions.  You misinterpreted what I said to be a 
flame, call flames inapporpriate, and flame me for it...


ps. I've not flamed anyone, yet.

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