I know this is probably a stupid question but...

From: Zen (zen@nashville.com)
Date: 04/18/95

Okay, I've recently been making some changes to my circle source code and
would like to make some patches just in case something terrible happens and
I accidently untar a new release over my old one so...  I know I'm suppose
to use diff and I did but how do I get it to write what needs to be done for
the patch to disk.  Also I would like to add some new classes and levels but
what all do I have to do to achieve this.  I've edited class.c and structs.c
as well as some other stuff to facilitate the changes but everytime I get to
the part where I choose my class the mud crashes and gives me a segmentation
fault error.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Linux 1.2.1
Circle 3.0 patch 11

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