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From: John T. Cox (
Date: 04/18/95

> Well, I did in fact point them in the right direction, and I don't think 
> I flamed them, not necessarily.  I told them to next time look for 
[stuff deleted]
> It's both inconsiderate to people with limitations on their mailbox and 
> it's a waste of my time to scan through 200 messages (which accumulate 
> daily), with many of them being completely avoidable.
This is the type of mail listservs generate.
> You call flaming inappropriate, but I didn't flame anyone -- and yet, 
> someone gives the exact same advice I gave in more words and they are 
> praised for this?  They say I told him to go for himself, they say it's 
> rude, but I pointed him in the right direction.  While the very same 
> person tells 'em to go look for himself?  Well, so be it.  I don't need 
> to defend myself or my actions.  You misinterpreted what I said to be a 
> flame, call flames inapporpriate, and flame me for it...
> Spawn@KrimsonMud
My comments were not directed toward you personally but to the enitre list
in general. So, I don't know why you're getting defensive about it. Check,
your mail header, and you'll see that my mail was not a reply to any thread
that involved you.
> ps. I've not flamed anyone, yet.
Nice veiled threat there...I like that 'yet'...

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