Re: Purpose of this list (fwd)

Date: 04/18/95

I took this as a comment towards me since the whole freegin' discussion 
was brought back up when I responded to a message telling the person to 
look for themselves before asking here -- that is why this stupid message 
string came about in the first place, so it's only natural that I'd be 
vain enough to think that any messages about the same topic that someone 
brought up (I forget who) after my response would be directed towards 
me.  Call it stupidity, call it common sense, call it whatever you please.

I know listservs will help accumulate mail -- but if 10-20 of the 
questions I'm asked and are sent through the various list servers I 
subscribe to could be avoided, I might be able to catch an important 
message or two that could have a good impact on my MUD and how it will 

Anyway, I think these messages don't belong here, we aren't helping 
anyone with them -- well, not directly.  I'm sorry if people felt my 
response to be rude or inappropriate, I still think they should've looked 
before asking the question.  Not to mention the fact that I'm certain I 
saw new_autowiz.c or something similar in 3.0bpl7 and I believe at one 
time in one of the submission directories at -- not sure, 


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