Re: autowiz.c

Date: 04/18/95

> What a nice guy this spawn is.  Resorting to personal attacks when you can
> not reply with a substantial answer.  How do you know if my ass is dumb?
> I don't even have an ass.  I live in the city, not on a farm.  Guess I will
> never be as competent as you are with the insults and that trusty lighter
> you carry around.  Guess I better not quit my day job.
> ps.  Is this guy for real or is he as anal retentive as he seems?

I never flamed the original person that asked the question, I told them 
look for themselves, but sense YOU'RE so anal retentive, you persist in 
saying that I flamed him and then you flame me for something you say I 
did, and which I never did, and yet you still persist to make sure it 
seems like I did flame him.

Hell yes, I flamed you.  Because I'm tired of people saying I'm flaming 
someone would ALL I said is that he never looked.  If you were old enough 
to understand sarcasism, it'd seem completely different to you.  I'm not 
going to defend my way of saying things, but I will say...

If you can't stand the heat, then don't flame someone.

You are the worse case of it.  You cry and whine about getting flamed, 
say no-one should flame, it means your an egotistical maniac, that you 
are stuck up and all-wrapped up in yourself.  Well, you have talked about 
how I shouldn't flame anyone, and yet you do it?  Hipocryte(sp:).

No, I'm not for real.  I'm a lost MobProg from Merc 2.2 ...

Spawn@KrimsonMud (PKill/PSteal/Other Stuff, too:)

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