Re: This mail does not mention the word 'flame' once.

Date: 04/19/95

On Tue, 18 Apr 1995, Anthony Spataro wrote:

[torn off of message]
> inventory/room/contents that have the same item_number, and if so, place 
> the new object right before *that* object.  The net effect of this is 
> that objects with the same vnum will get placed next to each other, 
> instead of being scattered.  I rewrote part of list_obj_to_char to take 
> advantage of this fact by counting how many of an object there are in a 
> row and, if more than one, displaying [n] and then the object's name.

No, no, no, no, no-no.  Use the objects long description to match it up, 
otherwise, two corpses show up as supposedly being the same corpse even 
though they might not be.  perhaps do both?  Using the vnum and the long 
desc will prevent two different short swords from being combined -- so, 
yeah, I'd sugget using both the vnum and long desc before counting it up 
so that:

the corpse of Inferno
the corpse of Doomsday   !=   [3] the corpse of Goku
the corpse of Goku

Since corpses use the same vnum..  Also, if you have "Fatalaties" like me 
(or things like Merc's death code (last sphinter, arms, legs, etc)) that 
use the vnum -1, then you'll get those all combined and can possably hide 
a corpse..

/Spawn@KrimsonMud , the accused flamer.
DISCLAIMER: I didn't do it.. um, Winters did!

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