Newbies/Flaming/Utils/Et Al

From: Lincoln Chan (linc@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: 04/19/95

Sure, we all have our own perceptions of newbie questions...I can tolerate
simple questions if you've proven that you've taken the time to look in the
code and that you have at least a fair share of technical knowledge to
support your desire to implement and modify a CircleMUD.  If you've failed
to do both, and on top of that ask a very stupid question, you're going to
get flamed.  I don't even consider these to be newbie questions at all.
Their just wasted bandwidth.

As for all the people who just HAD to send something out regarding the
'cease of flaming' for the sake of saved bandwidth (and of course, all the
people who decided to respond to that with 'yea' or 'cheer'.  *laugh*).
...Oh, forget it, there's not even really a point in me bringing it up, is
there?  (I'm just rolling in laughter here with the naive hypocrisy that's
been plaguing this list with the unnecessarily tense flaming...)

Thanks for the bug fix, garfield...
I was told that my seminar on affect_join had an old bug to it..Here's what
garfield sent me as a quick fix:
    if (hjp->type == af->type && hjp->location == af->location) {
You should know what it replaces in affect_join().

Whoever offered to write an updated 3.0 version set of utils, grand idea.
I personally haven't the time this semester to finish my utils and I would
LOVE to have a generic set.

linc aka Aladdin

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