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Date: 04/20/95

I've been working on an implementation of multi-classing in my MUD to 
allow someone to have three classes.  I've started on the code and 
haven't tested it yet as I have a few things in the source that are 
incomplete and due to my very short attention span lately (and my quad 
speed CD-ROOM drive I bought yesterday isn't helping none :) I've not 
cleared them up.  But, I just wanted to know if anyone else has done such 
a thing, the code for it seems all very straight forward -- but, when 
something is TOO easy, I know there's something wrong or it's not the 
best implementation.  For those of you have done such a thing, then would 
you mind contributing your code?

Also, I'm curious about one more thing.  Since players, objects, and 
mobiles share a few flags why don't globally define these as the same 
number?  I know that'd it require changing the world files a bit but, 
instead of using #define OBJ_INVISIBLE, PLR_INVISIBLE, etc. why not just 
use a signle #define INVISIBLE?  All well, not big thing, just thought 
it might conserve a tiny bit of space to combine duplicates.

OH!  One more thing!  Is it me or is FORCE absolutely pointless when all 
ORDER has to do is check if the player is (not?) an immortal and then 
execute the command regardlessly (or in the case of not return).  Seems 
like it'd be fine to just use ORDER as FORCE, although, I hadn't thought 
of the global player/mobile checks.  Any way, just a few random thoughts 

/Spawn@KrimsonMud , the accused flamer.
DISCLAIMER: I didn't do it.. um, Winters did!

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