Re: OS/2

From: James (
Date: 04/20/95

On Fri, 21 Apr 1995, Belgian Underground Mud wrote:

> Hi.
> Is there anyone who got the mud running under OS/2?
> Bug.

I had it running under OS/2 for a while. However there was major errors 
in the port. IBM wanted me to pay $400 for the TCPIP programers 
developers kit for OS/2 so I discontinued running it under OS2. I 
currently run it under linux and it runs 100 times faster. Some of the 
problems with the port was,

   1) all the syslogs where messed up
   2) all the help files where messed up
   3) Renting would mess up all the affects of objects.
I attempted to contact the person who ported it, but the person's E-Mail 
account was not valid. 

If you can, don't run it under OS/2. It's too slow.

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