From: Chris Herringshaw (
Date: 04/22/95

On Sat, 22 Apr 1995, Andy Davidoff wrote:
> let me clarify - i am not saying that it is wise to keep a list of players
> and their passwords in a text file! i think this is stupid. i am only
> saying that _access_ to the player's passwords is important - shit, circle
> already _has_ this code - look it up! if i want to assign passwords to
> players, i should be able to. this is already pimped in c3. why is this 
> such a problem?

But see, your not asking to be able to assign passwords to players,
or have the ability to suspend people's characters.  That
is extremely simple.  It is all of 3 lines of code.  The access
is already there for such password needs.  What your asking for, 
with a two-way encryption scheme, is to be able to see a players password
in plain text.  There is no need for an administrator to have access
to a player's unencrypted password, whether the player executes bad 
judgement in choosing a password or not.

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