Re: Circle: Re: CRYPT

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 04/22/95

> let me clarify - i am not saying that it is wise to keep a list of players
> and their passwords in a text file! i think this is stupid.

I agree.

> i am only
> saying that _access_ to the player's passwords is important - shit, circle
> already _has_ this code - look it up! if i want to assign passwords to
> players, i should be able to. this is already pimped in c3. why is this 
> such a problem?

Huh?  You can't look up a player's password!  Or did you mean *set* the
password?  I completely agree that an admin should be able to set a player's
password.  Circle already has code to do that.  But there is no reason
in the world why an admin of a MUD or a Unix system should be able to
look up an existing password.  You cannot do this with Circle.


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