Re: Circle: The CircleMUD player file format

From: Michael Buselli (
Date: 04/23/95

> 	Also, you said it's not possible to take a binary from one UNIX
> platform and convert it to another.  But if I'm talking about endianness
> then it can be done.  I'm confused, I'm not that familiar with what you
> are talking about.  What I am looking for is convert a binary (the pfile)
> from Ultrix to DG/UX or SysV or SunOS, or some other UNIX OS.

     When converting binary data files, you must keep in mind that
some systems keep the most significant bytes of their integers at the
high byte and some at the low byte.  That's what endianness means.  If
the systems you are converting between are different in this manner,
then you'll have to convert the integers in the file.  I would also be
wary of the systems having different sizes for their integers and
short integers, but that's a compiler thing, so if you're using gcc on
both sides, it shouldn't be a problem.

Michael Buselli

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