Re: Circle: Important: Should Circle switch to ASCII playerfiles?

From: Sean P. Mountcastle (
Date: 04/24/95


	You have made some excellent points on why CircleMUD should 
switch to ASCII playerfiles.  But, the main reason I chose Circle in the 
first place was because of the space saved with binary files.

	Most (I'm not saying all) of us, who run Circle based MUDs are 
either paying for a site, where we are charged for usage of system 
resources (which includes diskspace), or we are running on public (i.e. 
University owned computers) and have to maintain the good graces of our 
sysadmins, thus a 4 meg pfile (with about 200+ players) would be better 
than 10's of megs of ASCII playerfiles, which can be even more easily 
edited by those who should not be able to touch them (i.e. there is an 
area builder who has access to the accounts, he sees that they are ASCII 
playerfiles, and makes himself an IMPL.....).

	But, as far as boards go (but don't do it for player mail) I 
think they should be in ASCII text.

	Thanks for listening to my $.02

	- Sean

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