Re: Circle: Important: Should Circle switch to ASCII playerfiles?

From: Kilkenny (
Date: 04/24/95

On Mon, 24 Apr 1995, Sean P. Mountcastle wrote:

> 	Most (I'm not saying all) of us, who run Circle based MUDs are 
> either paying for a site, where we are charged for usage of system 
> resources (which includes diskspace), or we are running on public (i.e. 

If you are on a commercial site, you usually can buy extra discspace for 
a little fee.  Generally it's not too expensive, and a lot of them take 
only a one time fee for extra space.

> University owned computers) and have to maintain the good graces of our 
> sysadmins, thus a 4 meg pfile (with about 200+ players) would be better 
> than 10's of megs of ASCII playerfiles, which can be even more easily 
> edited by those who should not be able to touch them (i.e. there is an 
> area builder who has access to the accounts, he sees that they are ASCII 
> playerfiles, and makes himself an IMPL.....).

This would be a bad idea nomatter what.  Usually you want to have more 
then one account, and people that has nothing to do with coding or 
pfiles. should not have access to it.  A better way would be to set up an 
extra account for builders.  Then make a group called: mud (or whatever), 
then set read and write access to the group.  This way builders will only 
have access to the zone/mob/obj file..

> 	But, as far as boards go (but don't do it for player mail) I 
> think they should be in ASCII text.

I think the best way to solve this, is to make the ascii-format optional, 
so that if you have limited discspace you should at least have to option 
to use binary..

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