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From: Wheel of Fish! (
Date: 04/25/95

> yeah. there is a bug in spell_parser.c mag_objs(), gotta make sure it 
> checks that the staff is not an area-attack spell (earthquake) before 
> casting it for every dude in the room. thanks to nivek for the bug report.
> the circle list for actual CODERS is at
> -dert

I don't mean to turn this into a flame but I had to say something before
this continues.. I was under the impression that this list was for coders,
and those who WANT to code.. NOT every person who reads this is going to
know how to look for these bugs and what have you.  Part of reading this
list is to LEARN.  You're statements constantly degrade those who may not
have as much knowledge or experience as yourself and I for one am sick of
it.  I started coding not that long ago and I still find myself boggled and
confused more often than not, had I come to this list for serious help I
more than likely would have stopped by now simply beause of asanine
commentary like yours.

I suggest that in the future you learn to tolerate and HELP rather than just
bitch, piss, and moan that someone is confused.  YOU were once a newbie too
and I'm beginning to wonder if you still aren't because you fail to
actually explain anything beyond a simple 'yes, it does do that' statement
more often than not.

Brett L. Hawn

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