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From: Andy Davidoff (
Date: 05/09/95

> > yeah. there is a bug in spell_parser.c mag_objs(), gotta make sure it 
> > checks that the staff is not an area-attack spell (earthquake) before 
> > casting it for every dude in the room. thanks to nivek for the bug report.
> > the circle list for actual CODERS is at
> > -dert

> I don't mean to turn this into a flame but I had to say something before
> this continues.. I was under the impression that this list was for coders,
> and those who WANT to code.. NOT every person who reads this is going to
> know how to look for these bugs and what have you.  Part of reading this
> list is to LEARN.  You're statements constantly degrade those who may not
> have as much knowledge or experience as yourself and I for one am sick of
> it.  I started coding not that long ago and I still find myself boggled and
> confused more often than not, had I come to this list for serious help I
> more than likely would have stopped by now simply beause of asanine
> commentary like yours.

fuck you. win did i degrade anyone in my post? i dont give a shit if some 
fuck who wants to code is on the list, i dont give a shit if some fuck 
who knows only how to build areas is on the list. i'm simply trying to 
move those who build to pvv and retain those who code on concrete. i dont 
want to discuss building, and according to my mailbox, many ppl dont want 
to be a part of the kinda spam generated by flamers and newbies. it's one 
thing to post a newbie coding question on this list, if you post a newbie 
building question, i'm just gonna ask you to move to pvv with that sort 
of problem. i have little knowledge and little experience. how many times 
do i have to say this: i never had a codin class an i dont profess to no 
jack shit about anything. i've only bin fuckin wich inet, code, etc. for the 
last year. before that i was into the hackin scene. lay the fuck off 
because u have NO IDEA how much or little i no. as far as degrading those 
who want to learn, i think yer once again full of shit. if you pause to 
notice the volume of bullshit that passes through this list i think you'd 
realize why i want to limit it to coding discussion. sure, i could whine 
at every fuckin post - wut would that prove, that i can flame as readily 
in email as rgmd? yawn, i dint start this list to fuckin flame. or to BE 
flamed. this list's new purpose is for the exchange of information 
pertaining to the programming of circle muds. i dont doubt your poor 
coding abilities. i've seen proof time and time again of this point. how 
many times have i flamed you? thats what i thought. to tell you the 
truth, i've received more than one complaint about 'Wheel of Fish' from 
other members of the list. i dont give a shit, as long as you code i aint 
gonna suggest you leave - that is, unless you cannot tolerate my supposed 
commentary. i'm quite comfortable with my input in this list; i feel i've 
helped many ppl, and i dont no how in hell u got yer contradictory opion 
from my above post.

> I suggest that in the future you learn to tolerate and HELP rather than just
> bitch, piss, and moan that someone is confused.  YOU were once a newbie too
> and I'm beginning to wonder if you still aren't because you fail to
> actually explain anything beyond a simple 'yes, it does do that' statement
> more often than not.

yer so full of shit i can smell it from here.

an original :) this pitiful comment dont even deserve a fuckin rebuttal.

> Brett L. Hawn

take a hike, or stick around. dont flame anyone again on this list. this 
goes for all of you. we are not here for this sorta shit. one of the 
biggest reasons for the list was to escape rgmd, you start bringing it in 
here and i'll start kickin you out. anyone have any problems with this? 
feel free to mail me, or mail majordomo and
unsubscribe circle

PS: sorry fer da language, this shit really _really_ pisses me off.

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