Re: Circle: Re: hello? (fwd)

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 04/27/95

> take a hike, or stick around. dont flame anyone again on this list. this 
> goes for all of you.

Except for you, I guess.

> we are not here for this sorta shit. one of the 
> biggest reasons for the list was to escape rgmd, you start bringing it in 
> here and i'll start kickin you out. anyone have any problems with this? 
> feel free to mail me, or mail majordomo and
> unsubscribe circle

Okay.  I think I will.  Getting two copies of everything because I'm on 
both lists is annoying enough, but having to deal with these holier-than-
thou flames is a bit too much.  Particulary when you accuse people who
agree with me as being butt-kissers.

I am not trying to attack you, I'm just saying that _for me_, the value of
this list is not worth the cost.  I will be moving back to the other list
at exclusively.



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