World File Patches

From: Alex (
Date: 04/27/95

Just as a note.. there is a directory on off of
the /pub directory with files that fix bugs discovered mere minutes
after patch levels are released (=
/pub/furry is the directory, and it currently contains the correct
files for 30.obj and 120.wld thus far.  Once a bug is discovered and 
called to my attention, I will move the updated file into that directory 
to make it easier for all the Circle Admins who use any of these areas to 
correct the more generic errors in the files (=  (ie.. the ones 
introduced by my idiocy).
There will also eventually be a directory where area files for circle 3.0 
can be found that are not part of the generic distribution, but this isn't
there yet since I only have a couple of areas for it thus far, and they 
still need some cleaning up (=

--  Alex

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