Re: Circle: Important: Should Circle switch to ASCII player

From: Alastair Neil (
Date: 04/26/95

>> Date:          Tue, 25 Apr 1995 10:19:48 +0200
>> From:          Jaco van Iterson <>
>> Subject:       Re: Circle: Important: Should Circle switch to ASCII
>> To:            Jeremy Elson <>
>> Cc:  ,,
>> Will the ASCII playerfile be one large player file or will it be like the
>> player object files are now?
>> I would prefer the binary file instead of one large ascii file.
>> I'm not sure what I prefer in the case player object like files, but it's
>> probebly gonna be harder instead of easyer to convert ascii playerfiles
>> in case of a code change.
>Actually you will find it much easier to make player file changes,
>with an ascii system... if you want to add a field to a player file,
>then simply add a fprintf line in the player_save routines,
>when the player does a save then the extra line is appended to
>his/her file.... Unless the field is checked when th3e player logs in
>then there would be no need to manually touch the player files!!
>        Phil...

Ok but this underscores a vital need for version numbers associated with
each revision of the file format as you will need to read both  the original and
the new formats. Now here is a problem potentially you could  have players
who are idle for long periods, you may have to maintain an ever more complex
routine to handle all the revisions of the file format whereas with a
binary file
you just convert the whole thing once.

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