Re: Circle: Re: hello?

From: Andy Davidoff (
Date: 05/09/95

> > yeah. there is a bug in spell_parser.c mag_objs(), gotta make sure it 
> > checks that the staff is not an area-attack spell (earthquake) before 
> > casting it for every dude in the room. thanks to nivek for the bug report.
> > the circle list for actual CODERS is at
> > -dert       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   
> What ya mean "actual CODERS"??? What does that make us at the circle@norway
> list then?? players?? wow, I wonder who's been so kind as to do the changes
> on my mud then...*peer* 
> Well, seriously, I am curious as to any differences between the two mailing-
> lists...any1?

aint try to offend anyone, just trying to give the second list some 
purpose. i dont like receiving 100 flames in the mail that have nothing 
to do with me, and i do like discussion of coding techniques. i'm tryin 
to provide an alternative to world discussion and newbie help. it's 
important to distinguish between the interests of builders and newbies to 
circle admin and the interests of the programmers of circle muds.

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