Re: Circle: Re: hello?

Date: 04/26/95

> What ya mean "actual CODERS"??? What does that make us at the circle@norway
> list then?? players?? wow, I wonder who's been so kind as to do the changes
> on my mud then...*peer* 
> Well, seriously, I am curious as to any differences between the two mailing-
> lists...any1?

Oh, give 'm a break.  He misphrased something and you have to get 
sarcastic and all huffy-puffy (only *I* can do that :).  I believe the 
infamous dert meant the list was more coding oriented than -- 
I'm not sure, as I don't subscribe to "Circles", so, i couldn't tell 
you.  But I doubt he meant to say that, "your not a real coder if 
you"...  i hate those stupid things.  "real coders don't use BASIC, 
PASCAL, C, or C++, they use hard-coded obfusicated assembly"...

-spawn@krimson [ 3999]
 Now then class, can we all say, "Cheap plug for my MUD"?

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