Having a problem with circle 3.0 bpl7

Date: 04/27/95

I am having two problems, both are beyond me. The first one is that
the fountain in midgaard never loads, although it is in the zone file.
I checked through all my zone files to make sure that the proper number
of fountains can exist in the game at once. *shrug*

THe second problem, is in regards to the kings castle area. I dont know
if this applies to other areas, I havent tested it out. The cleaning
woman in the castle (janitor proc) always picks up the banner that is
in some room. The banner is notake, yet she still picks it up.
I tried setting the weight of the banner to 99999, but the janitor
again is able to pick it up. Is there anyway to prevent her from
picking up a no take item?

I had another question, but I forgot..guess I had 3 not 2. *shrug*

world imp for cities of glory (soon to have a perm site)

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