Date: 04/27/95

Hi...I am the head world imp for a circle mud, and I have very little
C knowledge. My coders are way too busy to write spec_procs for me
right away, so I was wondering if anyone had any specs they would like
to share with us non coders for circle 3.0 (patch 7).

What I was looking for were various types of breath weapons for dragons
(probably difficult considering the few spells that are included with
the stock code).

Also, a nice cleric proc...would heal self, cast earthquake on players,
sanc self, etc.

and finally, i was looking for a general undead type proc. One that would
drain from players. Perhaps using the energy drain spell, in a way that
doesnt make it look like it was cast ;)

Thanks...if the coders on my mud come up with something i would be glad
to post em here, if anyone is interested.

Just curious..how many of you builders and administrators out there code
actively also?

Thanks again

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