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From: Burkhard Knopf (
Date: 05/31/95

>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Andersson <> writes:

 Peter> Hi I'm am using this list to ask you experts on Circlemud lots
 Peter> of questions.  Hope you'll not get mad on me.

 Peter> Well, is there a function in the code for 3.0 that equips an
 Peter> PC with all the equipment he/she/it has rented?  I have
 Peter> searched but not found any function for this (there must be
 Peter> one or?).

There isn't, as far as I know. If you want to install an auto-equip
feature you gotta save the equip position of each item in the
plrobjs file (and maybe you want items you had inside a bag put back
there as well, so you need some coding for this too).

I took numbers from -18 to -1 for worn items (pos-18 or something like that),
0 for plain inventory,
and 1 or higher for items inside containers (which are saved
 just before the container they were in).

In Crash_load() I put those items in a new list, then if the container
could be loaded put them into the container - otherwise to plain inventory
And don't forget that worn items could be containers as well.

If you're running the mud on a system where int is double size of sh_int
you might be able to just put this  sh_int locate  (or whatever it's called)
after the item_number without messing the whole plrsave files :-)

Hope this helps

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