Re: set loadroom :( (fwd)

From: Stefan Rensing (
Date: 07/06/95

> What's the problem with hcontrol?  Also, what IS hcontrol? :)  I just got 
> on this list a couple of days ago.

hcontrol is the commands to build, control, destroy houses and record
their payment.
All this loadroom stuff is REALLY weird. For example, the syntax mentioned
works for immortals just fine, because they do not rent and there is an
appropriate piece of code in nanny(). However, mortals will only enter
the game at the loadroom if they have rented and enter at mortal_start_room
if they have quit in their house - which is very stupid, IMHO. I am working
on it and if my code is compatible with standard bpl8 I will post it.
BTW, Jeremy, the piece in nanny() where the loadroom is set looks like a
really dirty hack ;)


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