Re: set loadroom :( (fwd)

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 07/06/95

> All this loadroom stuff is REALLY weird. For example, the syntax mentioned
> works for immortals just fine, because they do not rent and there is an
> appropriate piece of code in nanny(). However, mortals will only enter
> the game at the loadroom if they have rented and enter at mortal_start_room
> if they have quit in their house - which is very stupid, IMHO. I am working
> on it and if my code is compatible with standard bpl8 I will post it.
> BTW, Jeremy, the piece in nanny() where the loadroom is set looks like a
> really dirty hack ;)

Before anyone else gets all worked up about loadroom, wait until the next
patchlevel.  I know it's all screwed up right now which is why it's on my
list of things to rewrite.  It'll be totally different in patch 9.


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